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1: All right, sang out Jerry. But I wish we had a lantern.

2: Let me see the skull again, said I.


4: Hurry up, Buzz Billy called as he raced by from the shop, where he had been for the oil can to fill the boats reservoir.

5: Guide the skilful hand and eye,

6: The white-fish run was on and when the boys, launching the big flat-bottomed fish boat, carefully cast and drew in the long seine it held more great gleaming fish than they knew how to dispose of.

7: And after? said the lama.

She would write books. She would choose for her heroine a woman of the people. How full of drama, of tragedy must be their stories: their problems the grim realities of life, not only its mere sentimental embroideries. The daily struggle for bare existence, the ever-shadowing menace of unemployment, of illness, leaving them helpless amid the grinding forces crushing them down on every side. The ceaseless need for courage, for cunning. For in the kingdom of the poor the tyrant and the oppressor still sit in the high places, the robber still rides fearless.

In spite of the grave situation, the officer smiled at Billys entreating words, remembered suddenly the danger from both fire and possible lurking desperadoes. All right. Get behind that tree, and stay out of the reach of stray shot.

We sitting here among the cranberries

I used to love the sight of those shabby warriors, dolefully bewailing their forlorn condition, and mildly suggesting their eligibility to a bounteous dinner, who prowled, in long succession, about our side door. I thrilled with indignation at their counterfeited wrongs. I brought them my sweetmeats, to throw a halo about their sober meal. Do I not take kindly yet to the battered coat bedizened with bright buttons, on the back of M., grimy vender of coal? Do I not encourage the handsome charges of our grocer, solely because I know his antecedents, and can trace his limp to Ball's Bluff?

THE pain of loving you

We saw Kelly and Baby Barnes the skirt-dancer and and all the rest. I made a mash.

Suddenly she heard a light step in the passage, and the room door opened. A girl entered. She was wearing a large black hat and a black boa round her neck. Between them her face shone unnaturally white. She carried a small cloth bag. She started, on seeing Joan, and seemed about to retreat.

I don't feel that way at all began Judith, but their murmured comments halted at Bruce's next words.

And how wilt thou go? It is a far cry to Delhi, and farther to Benares.

Watch out warned Billy, grasping him by the arm and jerking him to one side, that struck elm is goin' to fall. A rainbow of flame flashed close before the boys, as the stricken tree crashed across the path, hurling forth a shower of sparks as it came to earth. Then inky darkness followed and from the black canopy which a moment ago had seemed to touch the tree tops the rain fell in torrents.

Billy grinned. An' I got a piece of news fer you fellers, too, he returned. But go on, your news first, Jim.

Services were over before she found time to be lonely. Dinner passed happily. The cats stayed quietly in their chair till dessert, when they came, one on either side of Edith, and stood with their forepaws on the table, their heads and shoulders above it.

Elinor laid down her brush impressively.

Take care how you set an old man talking about the past, my dear, said the Baronet; I hope we shall find something pleasanter for you to do than turning over my old plans and pictures. Our friend Mr. Gilfil here has found a beautiful mare for you and you can scour the country to your hearts content. Anthony has sent us word what a horsewoman you are.

Are you? asked Godfrey; for the shooting?

Mr. Gilfil, she said, as soon as she had closed the door behind her, my mind misgives me dreadful about Miss Sarti.

Yes, ever so much. He's almost his old self again. He has quit smoking, you see, and he has promised me not to smoke until he is quite well again.

East and south the darkening thickets, swaying, grew still. He saw the slim silver birches glimmering like the ghosts of young trees dead; he saw on the moss at his feet a broken stalk of golden-rod.

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I took little interest in the game, and concentrated my attention upon the curious phenomenon taking place on my left. While the glances which the young Athenian, Dimitri, cast upon Photini, were met with perfect indifference, Harris, who did not even look at her, seemed to produce a wonderful impression upon her, even to almost magnetize her. He held his cards with a nonchalant air, yawning, from time to time, with American freedom, or whistling Yankee Doodle, without respect for the company. I believe that Christodules story had made a great impression on him, and that his thoughts were roving over the mountains in pursuit of Hadgi-Stavros. In any case, whatever his thoughts were, they were not of love. Perhaps the young girl was not thinking of it either, for Greek women nearly always have in their hearts a substratum of indifference. She looked at my friend John, as a lark looks at a mirror. She did not know him; she knew nothing of him, neither his name, his country, nor his fortune. She had not heard him speak, and even if she had heard him, she certainly was not competent to judge of his ability. She saw that he was very handsome, and that was enough. Formerly, Greeks adored beauty; it was the only one of their duties which had never had any atheists. The Greeks of to-day, despite the decadence, know how to distinguish an Apollo from a baboon. One finds in M. Fauriels collection, a little song which may be translated thus:

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And woe betide

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They had reached the Abbey. Joan turned and they retraced their steps slowly.

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Of the Ethnological Survey? said Father Victor. The Englishman nodded. Faith, Im glad to meet ye then; an I owe you some thanks for bringing back the boy.

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He wants to know what youve been doing all the week, said Curtis, hanging desperately to the railing as the car lurched forward; he says you seem to think that the Manhattan Illustrated Weekly was created for the sole purpose of providing salary and vacations for you.

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It was the task that had been entrusted to her. How could he hope to succeed without her. With her, he would be all powerfulaccomplish the end for which he had been sent into the world. Society counts for so much in England. What public man had ever won through without its assistance. As Greyson had said: it is the dinner-table that rules. She could win it over to his side. That mission to Paris that she had undertaken for Mrs. Denton, that had brought her into contact with diplomatists, politicians, the leaders and the rulers, the bearers of names known and honoured in history. They had accepted her as one of themselves. She had influenced them, swayed them. That afternoon at Folks studio, where all eyes had followed her, where famous men and women had waited to attract her notice, had hung upon her words. Even at school, at college, she had always commanded willing homage. As Greyson had once told her, it was herselfher personality that was her greatest asset. Was it to be utterly wasted? There were hundreds of impersonal, sexless women, equipped for nothing else, with pens as keen if not keener than hers. That was not the talent with which she had been entrustedfor which she would have to account. It was her beauty, her power to charm, to draw after herto compel by the mere exercise of her will. Hitherto Beauty had been content to barter itself for mere coin of the realmfor ease and luxury and pleasure. She only asked to be allowed to spend it in service. As his wife, she could use it to fine ends. By herself she was helpless. One must take the world as one finds it. It gives the unmated woman no opportunity to employ the special gifts with which God has endowed herexcept for evil. As the wife of a rising statesman, she could be a force for progress. She could become another Madame Roland; gather round her all that was best of English social life; give back to it its lost position in the vanguard of thought.

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