angle-left 5ª edición del concurso de debate en inglés para alumnado de Bachillerato


5ª edición del concurso de debate en inglés para alumnado de Bachillerato organizado por Aine Donaghy, del colegio San Cernin de Pamplona.


Las fechas previstas son el 26 y 27 de septiembre.


Todos aquellos centros que estén interesados, deberán escribir un e-mail a


Más adelante se organizará una reunión para hablar sobre todos los detalles.


Good morning,


It’s that time of year again! This is your formal invitation to take part in this year’s fifth annual debate competition in English for Bachillerato.


The dates have to yet to be formally confirmed by the CIVICAN, but it’s likely that this year’s competition will take place on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of September. As always, the idea is to have teams of five students from each school, each of which will have at least three opportunities to debate against each other. The format will also be similar to that of these last couple of years. That is to say, in each debate we’ll have an introduction, first rebuttal, three one minute second rebuttals and a conclusion.


The motion has not yet been decided as I would like to come to a joint decision on that matter. To that end, there will be an explanatory and decision-making meeting on Wednesday 4th of September at 9am.


I realize that everyone is up to their eyes with the end of term at this point. However, any suggestions for debate topics will be gratefully received. And, it would be great if you could just briefly reply to this email confirming that you’ll be able to attend that meeting and that your school is interested in participating. The first sixteen schools to sign up will be assured a place.


All the best for the next few weeks!

I look forward to seeing you all after a well deserved few months holiday!


Aine Donaghy

Debate coordinator

San Cernin School


Contacto: Elisa Echenique
Correo electrónico: